Environmental action 2.0

  • Data driven
  • User generated
  • Free to use

Somebody needs to do this.

Litter on land enters our watershed, some of it gets washed out to the ocean the rest stays in our rivers and lakes entering our food chain and killing our natural environment.

When we integrate data collection with pollution mitigation we can leave the environment clean today and provide data for the solutions of the future.

Our Activities : in the field and in the lab

Removal and inventory of Aquatic Litter

Surveillance and removal of litter in rivers, streams and lakes. Detailed data on the accumulation rate and type of litter in our freshwater resources.  Locations in California and Switzerland.

Results, data and publications available at :


Development of DIY open source tools

Once the data is organized we can use it to look for solutions and develop tools for individuals or groups that want to improve the environment.

We are currently collaborating with the "Hackuarium" and "Biodesign for the Real World" to develop DIY sensors and protocols to evaluate litter/pollution mitigation strategies in Switzerland.

Follow the collaboration on our WIKI :

Micro to macro water pollution